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There's a lot riding on a software project. You need to know that the software will be delivered on schedule. You also want to know that it will meet your business requirements. That it will be easy to use, rock solid and scalable.

That's where we come in. We have successfully delivered a wide range of large mission-critical applications, for some very exacting clients, on time, on budget and on specification.

Projects like:

 •  a 42-site web portal network, with a common user registration system that they said couldn't be done

 •  one of the largest rich-media elearning products ever developed, became market leader

 •  a leading edge interactive financial application with a project team spanning 4 continents

 •  the emergency transfer of high traffic core-business network of webservices, across the globe and back, without loss of service.

And yes, all to schedule and budget.

solid technology

Tangent is a full life-cycle company - from first concept to design, building, testing, delivery and support.

We specialise in online systems. Fully database driven, with advanced content management for self-drive administration and workflow management.

We can integrate your business systems with your online presence, enabling for example your web sales to be directly integrated with your workflow and accounting system.

Tangent's technology capability is comprehensive, including:

 •  online/cloud, mobile and desktop platforms
 •  social media integration
 •  comprehensive analytics and reporting
 •  data processing: SQL, XML, JSON, etc
 •  business systems integration: local and cloud
 •  custom integration and automation

information architecture expertise

For the user, the measure of a successful web site or software application is the speed and ease of completing the task. Whether it be carrying out a business process, making an on-line transaction or simply finding information.

So the quality of the information architecture and user interface design is paramount - well thought out and scalable structure, clear and simple navigation, with a minimum of steps and clutter.

Our experience designing a broad range of consumer and business applications has taught us what works and what doesn't. We apply those years of real world experience to your project.

proven methodology

Good project management methodology encompasses known key principles:

 •  Solid Specification and Design
 •  Phased Approach
 •  Planning and Controls
 •  Risk Management
 •  Quality Management.

However even with the best laid plans, issues can arise. The success of a project often relies on experience that provides the critical ability to foresee and resolve issues, roadblocks and distractions before they can impact the project.

Through over 30 years of successful software project delivery, we've honed a proven methodology of planning, coordination, measurement and control procedures to keep our projects on track.

project delivery specialists

We've delivered for organisations such as Vodafone, Hutchison, IBM, British Telecom/Looksmart, Citibank, Telstra, SOCOG, Fairfax, the Seven Network, Department of Education and Training, University of New South Wales and the National Gallery of Australia.

We are experienced, sharply focused, and dedicated to delivering tangible value to our clients.

To find out what we can do for your business, talk to us:


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